//Why Purchase a Straw Sun Hat?

Why Purchase a Straw Sun Hat?

If you have ever considered getting a hat to protect your head and ears from the rays of the sun, the straw sun hat offers an excellent choice. With so many different designs to choose from, you can find the one that best suits your style while offering the protection that you want.

What is a Straw Sun Hat?

As the name implies, this is a hat which is made from straw. Straw grows in fields around the world and is mostly used for bedding. While the exact origins of the straw sun hat are still not known, it is believed to be the oldest type of hat in the world. With conical versions popular in Southeast Asia that date back many centuries, today this type of hat is used around the world mostly during the summertime.

Today, there are many different types of sun hats that are made from straw available on the market. And while the shapes may vary considerably, they all offer the same benefits that you can enjoy, especially during the summer months.

Straw Sun Hat Advantages

The benefits of this type of hat starts with the sheer variety of styles. You can choose from a myriad of looks that compliments your personal style while offering the protection that you want. But there is more to the straw sun hat than just the number of types that are available for purchase.

Comfortable: Straw is not only light but allows the breeze to blow through. This means that it is cool and comfortable on your head even during the heat wave of the summer months. That makes it perfect for the beach, when out in a park, or anywhere outdoors under the sun.

Durable: While straw may not be quite as durable as felt, you may be surprised by how tough it can be. Many hats of this type are crushable to a certain extent, which means it is quite flexible and will bounce back into shape.

Although durable, you should keep the straw sun hat out of the elements, such as rain and other precipitation so it can maintain its shape and strength.

Protection: Style, comfort, and durability are certainly important, but the best reason to purchase a straw sun hat is to protect the top of you head, ears, and part of your face from the sun. The straw hat offers excellent protection from the UV rays along with reflecting some of the heat that otherwise would reach your skin.

Inexpensive: Compared to hats made from other materials such as felt, the straw hat is less expensive. This makes it the perfect choice to wear during the summer and keep in your closet, vehicle, or with your summer clothing when it is not needed.

The straw sun hat that you choose should be one that suits your personal style, offers the protection that you want, and fits your budget in terms of the price. However, this type of hat is quite inexpensive which means that many people can afford to purchase more than one and wear what fits their mood when outdoors during the summer months.


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