//How To Shape A Cowboy Hat?

How To Shape A Cowboy Hat?

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Cowboy hats have their own charm and classiness, when it comes to wearing them. However, they require care in order to maintain its condition and keep it in a good shape. This involves learning how to shape the brim of your cowboy hat. There are several methods out there and they all depend on the material of your cowboy hat. So, whether your cowboy hat is made from straw, felt, or palm leaf, each material requires specific work in order to shape its brim. Listed below are the different methods used to shape the brim of different kinds of cowboy hats. Take a look.

Shaping A Felt Cowboy Hat

These hats come with a flat brim that requires some shaping. Once you get the hang of it, you can try several styles when it comes to shaping the brim. Here’s how to initially do it.

  1. Heat up water in a large pot or kettle. It should have an open spout from where steam can come out.

  2. Boil the water until you see steam coming out from it.

  3. Next, take your cowboy hat and bring it closer to the steam. Whatever area you want to shape, bring it above the steam and allow it to stay there until that area softens ups. Steam one area at a time, even if you want to shape the entire brim of the hat.

  4. Once your specific area softens up, shape that area by using your fingers. If you want to slightly curve your brim, use the index finger and the middle finger and gently bend the hat’s upper brim towards its crown. Place your thumb on the bottom side of the brim in order to hold it. If you are looking for a crisper fold, then take the hat and press the steamed area on your torso as the crown faces outwards. Then use a lot of pressure in order to bend the brim.

  5. Continue moving the fingers with the same pressure and motion until that steamed area cools down and becomes firm.

  6. If you want to curve both sides of the hat or the entire brim, gently bring the next section of the brim above the steam and then repeat the third step. Make sure that the part you have already curved stays away from the steam since it can soften up again and lose its shape.

  7. Once you are done with all the steaming, allow it to cool down and spray it using a hat stiffening spray. This will help in maintaining the shape of your cowboy hat for a long time. You can find this product in hat stores or local Western stores.

Shaping A Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat

When it comes to a palm leaf cowboy hat, you need to fill up a tub with lukewarm water. Then you can either place the entire hat in the tub or just the brim, depending on what area you want to shape. Once the hat softens up, take it out and allow it to drain off. However, don’t wait too long for it to dry. While it is still warm and soft, shape the brim while using your fingers to whatever look you want. When you are done, allow the hat to completely dry by placing it in a cool and dry place, preferably a hat stand.

Shaping A Straw Cowboy Hat

When it comes to these types of cowboy hats, you need to handle them carefully. For starters, if there isn’t an inner wire within the outer area of the brim, then shaping the brim is not possible as it can damage the hat’s material. However, if the inner wire is present then you can easily shape it.

In order to shape your straw cowboy hat, you need to find the wire and then carefully bend the brim in whatever shape you want. An advantage of a straw cowboy hat with the inner wire is that it can be shaped numerous times and it doesn’t take long to do it.

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