//Benefits of a Straw Fedora Hat

Benefits of a Straw Fedora Hat




Benefits of a Straw Fedora Hat


You know it is summer when you see so many people wearing straw hats. Although there are many different styles, the straw fedora hat is one of the most popular choices. There are good reasons why this particular type of straw hat is so popular, but it helps to understand a bit of the history that goes with this hat design.


What is a Straw Fedora Hat?


The fedora is distinguished by its wide brim, indented crown, and hat band that is located at the base of the crown. The distinctive look of the fedora, whether made from straw or felt which are the two most popular materials, have made it a favorite.


Although today the fedora is most associated with Indiana Jones, it was one of the most popular hat styles of the 1920s through the late 1950s. The name “fedora” comes from the heroine of the play named Princess Fedora which was first performed in the US in 1998.


The straw fedora hat, like many other hats made of straw, was an offshoot of the felt version. With straw being preferable in the heat of the summer months, the hat quickly became popular and is still widely seen today.


Straw Fedora Hat Advantages


There are numerous benefits to purchasing your own straw fedora hat. This is particularly true when you need to protect the top of your head and ears from the sun during the hot summer months.


Cool: The straw used is not only lightweight but lets the breeze blow through which keeps your head cool even during the heat waves of the summer months.


Durable: Despite being rather light, the straw used to make the hat is more durable than you might think. This is because it is crafted with care and weaved to help it withstand the wind. However, it should not be worn when it is raining, and it can be crushed if enough pressure is applied. So, you will need to take the proper care with your straw fedora hat.


Stylish:The distinctive look of the fedora makes it stand out from many other hat designs. After all, about the only hat that makes you feel like an adventurous archaeologist looking for lost treasure. In addition, it helps complete the outfit you are wearing thanks to its stylish appearance.


Variety:Although many people are familiar with the classic fedora look, there are variations that provide a wide amount of variety when choosing this type of hat. This means that you can select the one right for you when considering a straw hat for the summertime.


Inexpensive: Straw hats cost far less compared to the same hat made of felt or similar material. This means that you can purchase a hat that compliments your appearance, provides protection from the sun, and is lightweight and comfortable all for a price that easily fits your budget.


The straw fedora hat is a great choice when out on the beach, walking in the park, or anywhere you need to cover you head in the heat of the summer.


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