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Welcome to ANCRAFTS, your direct source of bulk craft products.

ANCRAFTS is a craft products company that sells bulk products directly to customers all over the world, serving all their business needs.

We have varieties of beautifully crafted products (straw hats, bags, caps, baskets etc) that you can buy in bulk and resell to your customers. Our products are of impeccable quality and high in demand- your customers will love to have them.

ANCRAFTS is renowned for top quality craft products such as hats, bags, table mats, face caps, etc., coupled with affordability.

With the lowest price (wholesale price) you can get, you can have an excellent profit margin on all your sales to your customers. ANCRAFTS has everything that you need to earn profit from your bulk purchase from us.

Our passion for craft is visible in everything we do. The creativity and skill level of our team members speak for themselves when you view our array of crafts.

For over 18 years, we have been operating in the crafts industry, we have evolved into the leadership position, exporting a wide range of craft products to customers all over the world.

We have gained extensive knowledge and first-hand experience with which we select high-end raw materials coupled with our admirable craftsman skills; you can be sure that you are getting the highest grade of quality from us.

We follow a world-class standard in all production stages for the craft products, and we also provide top-notch shopping and delivery experience to all our customers.

We strive to provide our esteemed customers with a wide range of crafts to select from. Whether you are buying craft products for your entire organization, group, or crew, or you are buying to resell, ANCRAFTS is the brand you can trust for quality products and excellent customer service. We are perfect for your business journey, and together, we will achieve much more.

Enjoy the best craft products, great crafting expertise, and excellent customer relations every time you shop with ANCRAFTS.

Please be informed that we do not attend to orders for a single product; neither do we sell directly to end-user customers. Kindly browse our website for an exclusive range of craft products, or you can contact our fantastic customer service department for further information.

Contact us today for your inquires of our wide range of crafts, let’s work together!

Women hats

As it is known to the world, girl hats are always popular from ancient time to modern world. With such light and elegant hat on the head, you will look much more beautiful at different situations: seaside, leisure, boating, travelling etc.

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large straw hat

men fedora hat

Men’s hats

Ancrafts covers a wide rang of men’s hats: fedora hats, straw hats, baseball hats, broad brim hats, narrow brim hats etc. The most important point is: we could customize different hat according to your special needs. And we could help you to design your own logo according to your interests.

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Baseball hats

Ancrafts has a wide range of baseball hats for your choice. Baseball hats are always popular from ancient time to modern times as nowadays! As baseball is a very popular and famous activity in the world. Every country has a long history of base balls. With baseball hat on your head, you become happier, more confident, surely you will be more lucky, right? Our baseball hats can been seen at most countries of the world: USA, Canada, Brazil, China, European countries, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand etc. Contact us now for inquiry details and we will be at your service soon!

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ball cap

kid straw hat

Children hats

They are all kinds of lovely hats for your lovely kids! Lovely hats are really nice and beautiful especially on kids’ head. Such hats are light, colorful, smaller, blight, etc. When you bring your lovely kid(s) for travelling, when you are at seaside, you are playing happily, how it can be without a lovely hat?

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Baskets and bags

Except hats as our main products, we also have other accessories for your one stop purchasing, such as: all kinds of bags for girls. All bags are made with high quality natural paper straw, hand maded, light, nice look. As soon as you got it at the first time, you will love it for all your life!

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natural straw bag

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