//5 Tips to Buy Your Straw Hat Mens

5 Tips to Buy Your Straw Hat Mens

For many, a hat such as a straw hat mens isn’t just a way of keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting yourself from the sun, it also happens to be a fashion accessory.

Over the years, straw hats have become more and more popular and as a result, buyers are now spoilt for choice when the time comes to purchase a new one.

Choosing a straw hat mens, however, is no easy task as there is a lot to consider when the time comes to purchase a new one.

Thankfully, we’re here to make the process that little bit easier.

Here are 5 tips for buying a new straw hat mens.

Decide what you want your straw hats mens to do

The first tip we have for you today, is all about finding a hat that serves purposes relevant and specific to you.

Before buying your new men’s straw hat, you should first decide what it is that you want the hat to do in the first place. For example, are you buying the hat purely for style and fashion reasons, or are you looking to protect you head and face from the sun?

Different hats serve different purposes.

Try before you buy

If at all possible, one of the first things you should do when choosing a new straw hat is take the time to try it on before you buy.

You see, the hat may look awesome, stylish, and comfortable, but if it doesn’t fit right or feel right, the novelty of it looking nice will quickly wear off.

Trying the hat on before you buy it will help you decide whether it’s comfortable, plus you’ll get to see what it looks like on your head.

Examine the design of the hat

If you want to purchase a straw hat mens to help protect you from the sun, it’s important to examine the hat.

Depending on the tightness of the weave, and the overall size of the holes, sunlight will obviously get through, especially if the holes are bigger and the weave is looser.

If you’re looking to protect yourself from the sun you want a tight weave and ideally no holes for the sunlight to get through, otherwise you run the risk of getting burnt and suffering from some very silly looking sunburn.

Decide on the style

When you decide to add a straw hat to your wardrobe, you need to decide on the right style for you.

This is because different hats come in different styles and different designs.

There are boater straw hat styles, straw cowboy hat styles, Panama hats, Fedora hats, beach hats, garden hats, Derby straw hats, and plenty more besides.

Before you even consider purchasing a men’s straw hat, you must first decide on precisely what kind of style you want.

Set a budget

Finally, the last tip when it comes to choosing a straw hat mens is to set yourself a budget.

Straw hats are intricately made, and as there is a lot of work and skill involved, good quality ones are not always the cheapest in the world, but you get what you pay for.

Before buying your straw hat, compare prices from different stores and give yourself a budget to buy your ideal hat without breaking the bank.

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