//5 Tips To Buy Your Floppy Straw Hat

5 Tips To Buy Your Floppy Straw Hat

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Summer is here and everyone needs a great looking floppy straw hat during this season. Not only are they stylish and chic, they are also extremely practical. They hide your hair during a bad hair day, they add a pop of style to your simple-looking outfit, and of course, they keep you safe from the sun. If you have always wanted a floppy straw hat, but didn’t know what to look for in order to buy one then this article is for you. With keeping that in mind, here are five tips to consider before buying a floppy straw hat.

Go Through The Different Styles of floppy straw hat

Floppy straw hats come in numerous different styles. Therefore, you need to pick the one that you like the most or are the most comfortable in. So when you go buying one, try on several different hats in order to get a feel of its style and how it looks on you.

Wear It In Private To See How It Looks Like

Firstly, try on your floppy straw hat in the store and make sure you get the one that you are satisfied with. If you feel a bit awkward and shy when it comes to wearing this style of hat in front of others or in public, like at the beach or the pool, then there is a way you can get over this awkwardness. Before you get out into the world wearing your new floppy straw hat, put it on while you are alone in order to get comfortable with the idea of wearing one. If you have a patio then you can wear your hat and sit on your patio, before you go out in public. This way you will get comfortable wearing it outdoors.

Get A Hat That Suits The Shape Of Your Face

Hats come in different shapes and sizes; some are bigger while others aren’t. Hats also have the capability to flatter one’s face and frame it as well. Same goes with floppy straw hats. These hats come in several different sizes. Some hats are extremely floppy while others, not so much. So you should get one that suits your face shape and frames it beautifully.

Get The Right Size

If you buy a hat that’s too big, then it falls over your eyes and blinds you. If the hat is too small, then either it won’t fit or will be too tight, making it difficult to wear it. Therefore, before you buy your floppy straw hat, wear it and see if it suits your comfort level. Floppy hats are generally bigger in size, but it all depends on your preference. Ideally, they should be big enough to block out the harsh rays of the sun, yet do not look over the top.

Check Out The Fabric Of Your Hat

A floppy straw hat is usually made out of straw or straw-like materials. However, these floppy hats come in other materials as well, such as wool or polyester. Therefore, if straw hats aren’t your thing but you still want to get a floppy hat then you can look around the store and try on floppy hats made from different fabrics.

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